May 15, 2010


- Make me put on a dress.
- Make me cry.
- Make me think about Love. Faith. New Beginnings.
- Make me think about how special my day was.
- Make me dance my ASS off – even on a healing ankle.
- Make me do the electric slide.
- Make me drink more than I should.
- Make me wish Danny & Melissa the best of luck!

(I love you guys… Always Remember the Moments)

WTF is for Dinner?

I think I ask my husband this question..



But – in my defense I told him that i was not a domesticated woman when he met me – and he STILL married me – so that’s his fault.
The thing is – I can actually cook very well… I get it from my Mommy :)
I just don’t CHOOSE to do it. Is that wrong??
Ugh – and to make matters worse – my mother has been cooking these outrageously tasty things lately and I am being TOLD that i MUST learn these new meals..
For example – My mother was determined to make a batch of ox-tails – just like Grama used to make…AND well (I love you G-Money..) THEY WERE BETTER!!!!!!!!!
We ate that shit so fast that I damn near bit my tongue off. (Just another thing to add to my list of “good luck” these days)
So now I need to start cooking – like REAL meals…
Who the hell has time for that?? i can see if i was working from home or something – then ok…. I would have a pot of ham hocks simmering with some collard greens – or even go all out and put a roast in the oven.. (maybe)

But after working all damn day – and then finally get the chance to sit on the sofa.. the house that i pay for by going to work all damn day..
..and then start working on the stuff that i REALLY want to work on..

- who feels like slaving in the kitchen???

Now – don’t get me wrong.. I will toss it up here and there – and I KNOW that no one has ANYTHING on my cornbread – but apparently I should be “tossing it up” more often…

What the hell am i going to do when we have kids?

things can only get better – pt.2

So – remember how i was talking about losing my SEPTA Trail pass – yeah well… Clearly I am NOT getting it back.
This morning i went to purchase a couple of tickets to end out the week – and a weekly pass for NEXT week – and come to find out that $90.00 that i THOUGHT that i had in my pocket – in the form of transit checks were actually..

Expired… (That’s about right)

Ok – so i just get some tickets for the end of the week – 5 more trips into the city and it set me back about $25.00..



“Don’t remove the Kinnks from your hair,

Remove them from your brain.”
- Marcus Garvey

things can only get better…

I am one of those people with a lot of faith.. A LOT of faith. I know that in my heart things will always turn out for the best – even when i just want to ball up and rock somewhere in a dark corner.
This past couple of weeks proved to me that I am much stronger than i had ever thought i was.

Last Monday – I am running out of my car – into the house because it was raining and i didn’t have an umbrella…
I don’t know who the hell told me that i should have put those skimpy ass Puma’s on…
with no traction…..
in the grass…




my ass was on the ground. 

Crying the rain with an ankle twisted – the OTHER way.
Ugh… thank God Deme was there to witness the entire thing and (laugh) and pick me up and drag me into the house…


UGH – I was a mess.
Needless to say – I actually sprain my ankle – tore a few ligaments – and my pride. 


((On Friday))

I am driving into work – because i can’t really walk… i refuse to use the crutches….and i felt like that was the BEST option….
WELL…. I got into a car accident. A fender bender….
Bending my soul.
My heart.
My spirit – (wait… no that’s actually broken right about now…)

Ugh – Deme JUST bought me that $700.00 sexy ass car…..

It’s still drivable – just NOT as sexy. 


yes – it gets better :) 

The following Thursday – I actually end up taking the train into the city after a site visit with my structural engineer…

I am sitting on the bench…waiting for the train.
The train comes and I get on the train.
I start walking to my sea.t 


I forgot my damn purse on the bench. 




Ok – so of course i panic (internally – because i couldn’t even stop shaking enough to dial the number to the train station…) 

- I finally get them and someone had already brought my bag into the office….

((God, you must really love me)) 


Just got in from a GREAT ACE mentoring presentation!! The students were fantastic and their hard work and dedication to the program really showed… :)


I got on the train to come home.
I am playing jewels on my stupid smart phone.
We get to my stop (a little quicker than i anticipated).
I go to put my trailpass into my purse – BUT 




Game time decision… do I stay on this train til the next stop and try to get my pass out of this nasty crevice between the seat and the wall? OR do i sacrifice it and go on…without my 145.00 pass – for – the – month?

I went on without my pass…
I hope that i can find some old tickets laying around here…


Ok – so the moral of the story is that whenever things seem like they just won’t get better – they probably won’t. (haha)
BUT I know that there is a lesson learned in each and every one of those situation – and I am THANKFUL that they were not worse.

1. My ankle could have been broken.
2. My $700.00 car could have been totaled.
3. My purse could have been stolen – I mean, there wasn’t any money in there anyway – but you know. :)
4. Even though i lost my pass… Um, yeah – i still need to figure out the bright side to this one….

- wait… i thought that things happen in threes?

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