After much kicking and screaming…

(Ok so – I usually don’t like going on vacation because I can never justify the money or the time spent away from tending to the house)
…we were on our way to Ohio to ride the biggest and fastest roller coasters in the world (i think…).

It was great.. we rented a Volvo (we would have driven my car – but it’s still a little damaged from my accident…) It was awesome. It took us about 8.5 hours – no traffic… we just encountered some rain on the way up. Slightly stressful – but not terrible.
 First of all – I must say that I think Ohio must be the friendliest place i have been to so far… hands down.. Everyone was just so nice, pleasant and welcoming…. Such a comfortable energy :)

We stayed in a hotel in Port Clinton… Very nice, and conveniently located by a few state parks and an African Safari…. (yeah, I said it… a damn African Safari in Ohio, USA).

Ok – a few words about the African Safari.

1. The hotel manager told us to go there. She said it was great – we can drive through the “safari” and feed the animals.. We should just go to the grocery store and buy about 6 bags of carrots and hide them under out seat when we get there… Apparently, they make you buy the food at the gate at a whopping $6.00 a damn bag of carrots juxtaposed to about $1.00 or so at the grocery store. 
2. We start to drive through the “Safari” and are bombarded by about 2 alpacas..3 llamas…a host of deer and a partridge in a pear tree…. EVERYTHING and ANYTHING besides an animal that should be on an African Safari. (Okay okay… so there were also a zebra or two…) BUT It was hilarious…gross…frightening and sad all at the same time.

So we head over to Cedar Point on Monday…

The weather was perfect. 

The healing ankle was behaving…

(Side note: Deme is a good guy and all – but after i got hurt, he had this brainchild idea that i could ride in a wheelchair while we were in the park so that we could get to the front of the lines… stupid.)
Oh – and we couldn’t have picked a better week to go… on a Monday – before the holiday.. the longest wait we had was about 30 minutes for the Maverick. AND well worth it.

Lesson Learned: Every now and then you really need to step away and take a break.

This past weekend I think fed a moose with a carrot on an African Safari & I rode something called a “Strata Coaster” for it’s unprecedented height… It was the first coaster to top 400 feet… it was the tallest and fastest coaster when it opened & launches riders from 0-120 mph in less than four seconds.

What are YOU going to do when you take your break? 
more photos here :)

I can see!!

I picked up my new set of glasses this weekend (right before we hit the road to Ohio….)


Okay okay… so it took me about a whole hour to pick them out – not just because I am a girl… but because I was told that I actually need to wear these….like all of the time.So I didn’t want to pick something out and then feel like crap about them a week from now….
Basically – I stayed away from the pretentious architect-y glasses and stayed true to Tiff.  Deme liked the red on my face and the inside just happens to be blue…. (he LOVES anything superman related – i swear..)

So…. here i am!
(I am looking at the color as a good thing… now i can still wear all black and kinda get away with it :)

Thanks Dr. Major!!


A Love Letter to Ms. Cacao…

As some of you may know, my cat Cacao travels back and fourth to my parents house every couple of weeks – and has done so for her 10 years of life…We drove her up there this weekend when we went to the plant festival – since we are planning to take a little trip this weekend.
I had a couple of things on my mind – and since she isn’t here for me to tell her – I decided to write her a letter.

Dear Cacao, 

I called you last night and my parents put you on the phone – but you did not have much to say. It’s cool… I know that you are on vacation this week. I really hope that you are having fun frolicking with all of the suburban woodland creatures in the backyard – since you are not allowed to play with the skeevy & mangy squirrels, pigeons, stray cats and raccoons that love to congregate in your backyard down here in Philly.
But you know what?  I would really like to know why (after 10 years) you still think its a game when I try to put you in your travel case when you KNOW that you are going up to see grama and grandpa… Was it really necessary to have me run through 2 floors of my house – TWICE – and when I caught you you rolled your big green eyes at me? Did you think it was funny when I put the cage down in front of you – and you just sashayed your little butt into the cage – as if you were done with your little “game” and decided to play nice and cooperate?
Since you have been away the mornings have been quiet… No one walking on my head with these bony feet – yelling at me to feed them – before it’s my time to wake up. No one throwing up on the carpet and leaving it for me to discover.. I still don’t understand that… There is only (1) room in the entire house with carpet and you choose to get sick in there – rather than on the hard wood floors… (It would just be so much easier to clean up). OH – and I am sure that the plants are happy… as they have a week or so to try and rejuvenate themselves and try to grow back since you eat them when I am not home.

Well, I just wanted to let you know that I love and miss you… See you soon!!

Love Tiff.
(And Deme – Even though he is still pissed off that you hissed at him when he was just trying to get you from underneath the bed……I guess he will get over it)

Be Yourself

Sooo… I am always telling people that I know happiness will come if you just – be yourself & stop trying to conform to a mold that you are not.
I met Deme by simply surrendering to the fact that I am a headbanger and love to see live rock music AND I freed myself when I decided to grow my hair out natural…

Well – The Daily OM hit it on the head & I had to share…  (Thanks Jeanne!)

There is a difference between shifting our energy to accommodate people we are around and dumbing ourselves down.

The ability to go into any social situation and sense the level of consciousness in that situation is a gift. It enables us to move considerately in a world that holds people of all levels of awareness. However, there is a difference between shifting our energy to accommodate people and dumbing ourselves down to a regrettable degree. Sometimes, when we get into a particular social situation, we may feel pressure to play it small in order to fit in. Perhaps everyone is drinking or smoking excessively, engaging in gossipy small talk, or complaining bitterly about politics. It is one thing to notice this and modify our expectations and another thing entirely to join in.

When we notice where people are coming from and acknowledge to ourselves that their energy is not in alignment with ours, we have several choices as to how to proceed. One viable option is to quietly endure the situation, keeping to ourselves until it is time to leave. In this way, we take care of our own consciousness and protect our growth process. Another option is to interact in a way that honors and pays respect to the people in the group, while gently attempting to shift the level of consciousness with our input. In order to do this, we must maintain our own vibration, which means that joining in by dumbing down is not an option.

When we choose to dumb ourselves down to fit in, we not only sell ourselves short but we also lose a possible opportunity to influence the situation for the good of all concerned. Our desire to join in may come from our natural yearning to feel connected to the people around us. There is no shame in this, but being able to stand on our own, separate from the crowd, is a powerful milestone on any spiritual path. It can be difficult in the moment, but when we arrive on the other side, our integrity intact, we may find ourselves feeling positively smart.

Mission: Garden 2010

Sunday I went home to Jersey to get my Ramapos!!!!!!

So – we went up to the Watchung Reservation for the annual plant festival… I couldn’t  have asked for a more beautiful day!!
This year I have:
(2) Ramapos
(2) Rutgers Tomatoes
(3) Eggplant Plants
(3) Green Peppers
& A LOT of Basil that I started from seeds….

- By the time we got to the festival (oh wait…. that’s right we were second in line to wait to get in – my father insisted that we get there at 11:00 – even though they opened at 12.) So yeah, by the time we ENTERED the festival it was a mad rush to the tomato plants!!! I have never seen anything like it in my life.Oh – and they sold out of cucumber plants… ugh – I guess I have to get those from home depot :)

So now – It’s time to plant!
((Wish me Luck))

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