WTF is for Dinner?

I think I ask my husband this question..



But – in my defense I told him that i was not a domesticated woman when he met me – and he STILL married me – so that’s his fault.
The thing is – I can actually cook very well… I get it from my Mommy :)
I just don’t CHOOSE to do it. Is that wrong??
Ugh – and to make matters worse – my mother has been cooking these outrageously tasty things lately and I am being TOLD that i MUST learn these new meals..
For example – My mother was determined to make a batch of ox-tails – just like Grama used to make…AND well (I love you G-Money..) THEY WERE BETTER!!!!!!!!!
We ate that shit so fast that I damn near bit my tongue off. (Just another thing to add to my list of “good luck” these days)
So now I need to start cooking – like REAL meals…
Who the hell has time for that?? i can see if i was working from home or something – then ok…. I would have a pot of ham hocks simmering with some collard greens – or even go all out and put a roast in the oven.. (maybe)

But after working all damn day – and then finally get the chance to sit on the sofa.. the house that i pay for by going to work all damn day..
..and then start working on the stuff that i REALLY want to work on..

- who feels like slaving in the kitchen???

Now – don’t get me wrong.. I will toss it up here and there – and I KNOW that no one has ANYTHING on my cornbread – but apparently I should be “tossing it up” more often…

What the hell am i going to do when we have kids?

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